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Time Building Central Inc, ATP Rated LLC, Accelerated Professional Pilot Program Company.

Anthony E Budreau

All are the same and Owned by Anthony Eugene Budreau and are NOT active Corporations in Florida let alone Texas in which there is not a record. Anthony makes money off of false advertisement, which entices the Time Builder into the Anthony's trap, taking funds up front (DOCS and FEES) and then leaving the client out in the cold waiting to get scheduled if at all, he did this to me. I traveled to the U.S. Conveniently I am located on the other side of the planet, another reason for him to take the money and ground me, due to maintenance and scheduling issues on all the aircraft, you would think that such details would be in order before you try to sell someone a service. Its owner Anthony Eugene Budreau does not have a staff, although he clearly takes advantage of good intentioned Aviation lovers around the airport, getting them to aid him with all of the daily ToDo's, most likely scamming them to. The facility in Dallas, is a hanger at Dallas Executive Airport, Which is full of nonoperational aircraft the hanger is most likely the only thing going for him. the hanger address is 5677 Apollo Dr. Dallas, TX 75237 all mail sent here was returned. Owner Anthony's cell #(305) 528-8257. The other two address on the NET, one in Florida and the second in Texas are nothing more than a mail box, look at Google maps, I have sent mail to both and still no response which you would get from a valid office.

First, I will start off with the false advertisement and outright lie's brought by Anthony. The Mentor job and living quarters for MENTORS -false! Anthony doesn't have any job's that PAY or network or placement that you and I would be able to find on the internet on our own. Ridiculous! (Visit the hanger or give him a call yourself) There are however a few bunk beds upstairs that you can use for a Horrendous FEE. I'm sure Anthony has DUPED many, as he made sure all the doors where locked and that the blinds on the windows where always kept closed, should I say paranoia. Maybe an unexpected Collector or past Client might stop in and ruin the show. Trustworthy companies usually have an open door policy. Also, Anthony does not work with your daily life or schedule. Sad to say but this Anthony really does a poor job, when it comes to Honesty and Guidelines, too.

Secondly, let's just skip all the negatives because the list is just too long to write about. It would take days and nights. If I were to do the math and balance the good and bad...The BAD would over rule. i.e. A Federal Court Case in Florida (The United States of America VS Budreau) see the link http://dockets.justia.com/search?court=flsdce&judge=Huck&noscat=13&page=3

Overall, look at other Time Builder Programs or BUY a Cessna for your TIME BUILDING and Commercial Pilot License requirements. It shouldn't cost you no more than $40K to $50K. Just a thought. I didn't get anything good out of this Company but SELF DISCIPLINE as Anthony took well over $20,000 from me not to mention my international travel expenses and I DID NOT get to fly all the hrs that I paid for. ITS A SCAM!!! Don't let me be the judge of it-try it out if you dare! Don't say I didn't warn you!


Self Discipline

Review about: Pilot Program.

Monetary Loss: $20000.



Time Building Central owes me flight time that I paid for but didn't receive. I have been trying to get my flight time for almost a year now.

When I first came to Dallas and paid for my flight time I was told that I had to wait for my flying partner to arrive. Then I was told that my flying partner had cancelled and that I would have to wait for another partner. I waited around Anthony's facility on the airport for weeks waiting on Anthony to partner me up with someone. Finally I had to go home because I could not wait forever.

In the beginning I was persistent and hopeful that I was going to fly as promised. I called regularly and was given excuse after excuse, everything from the plane was down for maintenance to the aircraft was out on a trip and once the excuse was that he (Anthony) was out of the country on business. Now his phone number is disconnected! His website is still up but the number is disconnected.

I should have known something was up when I saw the homemade American Airlines, Capt. Anthony Budreau thing framed and hanging on the wall at his facility. I did an airman search on the FAA's website with Anthony's name and it produced one result with that name and shows that he is only a private pilot. I started digging around on the internet and found that Time Building Central (TBC) used to be Accelerated Professional Pilot Program (APPP) both companies owned and operated by Anthony, both companies had the same telephone number and both companies have all sorts of negative feedback on a variety of aviation forum websites.

Obviously I'm not the only sucker out there. This is a warning to all pilots needing to build time, if you talk to a guy named Anthony or are going to be flying out of the Dallas Executive airport and the sales pitch has any of these phrases such as "need your doc's and fund's", "real world flying" or "mentor pilot" this is probably Anthony and you should hang up and go somewhere else.


The person writing this post is an ex associate of the company and has a personal vendetta against the company and the owner. This person has never purchased flight time from our company and is not a licensed pilot. Therefore he would not be eligible to purchase our services.


Dear Self Discipline,

This is the owner of Time Building Central. I do not currently have anyone that has outstanding flight time due from overseas. If you would like to contact me regarding this I can be reached at 305.528.8257 or atriplepmulti@yahoo.com to further discuss your concerns as I am unaware who this is.

In reference to the allegations above regarding my company. Time Building Central is registered as ATP Rated LLC out of Florida and is a current and legal business. The address for Apollo Drive is at Dallas Executive Airport which is actually on the airport and is just a physical address that cannot receive mail. My company has never received any mail from anyone overseas regarding this issue at either of our mailing addresses in Dallas or in Florida.

Regarding fees, our company requires upfront fees due to the nature of our business with large transactions. If payment is not made up front often times clients do not show up and creates scheduling conflicts for other clients as well as lost revenue for the company. Upfront or partial payment prevents this from happening as there is already an investment in the service.

Aircraft maintenance happens often as it is very important to have the planes running correctly for our clients. I cannot predict if a part will fail before, during or after our trip. Not all of our airplanes are operational at all times at our facility as it is a maintenance facility and aircraft is costly to maintain. An airplane requires an oil change every 50 hours of flight time as well as other preventative maintenance to ensure our clients are flying reliable airplanes. Like the airlines often have repairs to their aircraft that create delays, our company does as well. While this could be an inconvenience to the client our company will not put anyone in danger and allow unsafe airplanes in the air.

Our company offers clients a place to stay while in Dallas as a free service so they do not have to stay at an expensive hotel or have transportation costs to and from the airport. This service is completely optional and provided as part of the services we provide.

In reference to our mentor program, I have many clients who have participated in this program and have references available if needed.

Again, for the person who wrote this, I would be happy to assist you in reference to your concerns as I am unaware of your issue.

For those of you considering my company for your time building needs and are concerned about this post I can provide references both in the United States and internationally upon request. I have been in business for over 8 years and have done by being honest and having integrity.

Anthony Budreau

Owner of Time Building Centel

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